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Our services are built on the latest technologies on the market. For example, when it comes to IT services we are working with Ubuntu Server or Microsoft server, but when it comes to programming or web programming our web pages are driven by the latest HTML5, PHP 5 CSS3 and JavaScript. Finally we extended and revised these range of services, moreover our portfolio has got lots of novelty. Take a look at them!

Web Developement

One of the most cardinal point of the enterprises is the presence on the web, not every business can keep web developer and operator professionals. Do you need website quickly? We are your partner! Does your website need storage space?

Cloud Services

Cloud is a new, growing industry of IT, by now it has become inevitable to use it on daily basis, whether it as about administration or other solutions. Therefore we have also launched our Cloud service in Hungary.

Software Developement

Custom Software development You can also ask us to develop software according to your needs, you only have to outline your specific needs. For further information contact our colleague at

IT Guidance

Nowadays, without the information and the IT environment they manage, companies are now unable to pursue a successful and efficient business. Whether it's a small family business employing 1-2 people or a company with hundreds of employees, the information is both important and available to them.

System Administration

Whether it is about a small and medium office infrastructure or it is about a personal office we are your partner when it comes to IT operations.


Development, support, counseling of unique IoT solutions. We offer Oyan solutions that help you figure out how the smart household works. Everything in the future kitchen can be controlled via the internet.

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